Reflexology is a natural, non evasive, holistic journey to better health.

My aim is to use simple and safe techniques to return your body to a balanced state. This allowing your body to activate it’s own natural routes to healing.

Reflexology is not to diagnose but to locate areas of imbalance in your body and to restore these to ensure that you are functioning as your body intended.

I will explore your feet or hands to find sensitive reflexes and changes in texture which will indicate an imbalance within a particular area using acupressure techniques and palpation in detection.

I will note the congested and blocked energy areas throughout the session, these can feel like a range of sensations to you including; sharp, burning, bruising, crunchy, air bubble and popping, during the treatment I will note these and work on the points to relieve them. Please note these sensations are subtle and rarely cause discomfort.

Pain and Reflexology

Reflexology will relieve blockages, therefore relieving contraction of blood vessels and pressure on the nerve endings that cause pain.

An overload of impulses on the autonomic nervous system causes pain gateways to close down so impulses can’t get to the pain.

The release of endorphins after the stimulation of the endocrine system, will floods the bloodstream with pain relieving substances.

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