My Journey Begins

Reflexology has always been a big part of my life, helping me to get through some very difficult times over the years.

Working in Human Resources for a number of years, taking on the worries of others and having a number within my own family over a short period of time, it was time for me to do something special and life enriching for my family, I and others that are feeling the weight of the world that life can bring with it as I have at times.

I remember as a little girl sitting with my Grandmother Audrey, she has arthritis in her feet; on a Friday night when I would stay for the weekend we had a deal where she would brush my hair 100 times if I would rub her cream into her feet, I always remember her saying she could feel the pain leaving her body out the end of her toes, one of many happy memories.

Being sentimental I wanted my business to connect with my family life and this is where Bodyline comes in, my Great-Grandad, Edward Paynter played cricket for England in the 1932/33 Bodyline Series discharging himself from hospital in Australia to play for his team in his beloved sport, leading to his most famous test appearance.

Reflexology has given me the breath I have needed in times of despair and now it’s time for me to support others when they feel the walls closing in. I am not only offering a treatment but an escape from the world, for the duration of your treatment, you can leave your worries at the door and I will endeavour to send you away with the energy needed to tackle day to day life.

I can only speak from my experience and that of my clients to date but reflexology is a hidden gem in a world of increasing stress levels and holistic therapies.

Come and try it and I promise you will be surprised by the results.

Leanne John, Reflexologist